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Lighthouse Labs

The Foundation has chosen to partner with Lighthouse Labs as a leading training provider. Established in 2013, Lighthouse Labs is a registered private career college with specialized training programs to train and up skill people who are interested in a career in the tech industry. They provide participants with the skills, industry knowledge and resources needed to find, secure and be successful in their first job in tech in Canada.

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Veterans and Small Business Challenge

Are you a Veteran looking for a free, practical career training program on civilian workplaces and today’s job markets?  

Are you, or a Veteran you know, interested in connecting with not only other Veterans who are transitioning into civilian work but also small business owners who are looking for great employees? 

This fall, Challenge Factory is holding free sessions for Veterans who are making the transition to civilian workplaces. Through a series of three sessions Veterans will engage with a research-backed psychometric assessment that supports the identity shift that Veterans and transitioning members often face. They will also get real-life experience and first-hand stories about civilian job settings and small- to medium-sized business (SMEs).  

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CANignite Youths Leadership Hub (CYLH) is a Toronto-based non-profit pilot program geared towards changing the lives of many Canadian youths at risk and newcomers, while addressing their Mental health needs through sports, mentorship programs and community engagements.



At CYLH, we believe that every youth’s dreams can be ignited, where support and guidance are nurtured. 




A community-spirit and unity fuels CYLH and issues of diversity, equity and inclusion are gaps we see in our communities of need; that requires and deserve everyone’s attention.




CYLH’s key areas of focus are:


  • Mental health & Psychological support (individual/group)

  • Sports, especially golf 101 (Dantonia Golf Course)

  • Volunteer opportunity & career guidance (espec. at City of Toronto golf courses)

  • Bridge the diversity, equity & inclusion gap in Toronto, GTA and Canada; while addressing systemic issues through sports and education

  • Preventative measures and psycho-education on drugs/gun violence

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