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Our front-end developer course with JavaScript teaches you the skill you need to code dynamic and interactive websites.

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Learn how to build and style websites and landing pages using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. During this 6 week program you will build your own website from scratch, learn the core principles of responsive design, and leverage JavaScript to make your site dynamic and interactive. If you manage a website, want to build your own website, or work with dev teams building web applications, this program will provide you with a great foundation in front-end web development.


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Web Development 101

What does all that code mean? Have the intricacies explained in a way that informs and empowers you.



JavaScript is the universal programming language of the web, used by many and loved by all. It makes websites dynamic and interactive and is the key to unlocking the full potential of front-end web development.

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Learn to create gorgeous, responsive web pages and captivate audiences using HTML5 and CSS3.



Make your projects stand out through the use of jQuery, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries.

Fully Funded Programs

Start & End Dates
Feb 28th - Apr 13th

Deadline to apply

Feb 21st

tues & thurs  for 6 weeks

Start & End Dates
Mar 4th - Apr 17th

Deadline to apply

FEB 25th

Sat & Sun for 6 weeks

Your education with Soldiers In Tech is
100% covered by THE Roland Gossage Foundation.
Let us help you get into a new career and future.


New to coding? The Intro to Front-End with JavaScript program is a great starting point. In 6 weeks, you'll go from no coding experience to structuring web pages with HTML, styling them with CSS, and adding dynamic functionality using JavaScript. We will round out the 6 weeks with a look at AJAX and API requests to enable your website to dynamically display information from other web services like Twitter, Google Maps, and more.



This program is designed to whet your appetite for learning to code. If you are curious about how websites are built and want to try it first hand this program is a great platform to do so.


Personal Projects

Do you operate a blog or website and want to make it stand out? Or maybe you have an idea for the 'next big thing'? The fundamentals we cover will kickstart your ability to bring those ideas to life.


Professional Development

Are you a marketer who is trying to customize email templates, landing pages, and WordPress sites? Are you grappling with tracking pixels and tag management? Or are you a Product Manager or Designer working with a dev team on a web application? This program will empower you to take on tasks yourself and communicate more effectively with your in-house and outsourced development teams.

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Future Bootcamp Students

Unsure if a career as a developer is right for you? Our part-time program is a great way to dip your toe in the pool before diving right in. It will give you a great introduction to the world of software development.

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