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Download the curriculum package for our front end developer course to find out how it’s structured, what tools you’ll be working with, and what you can accomplish by the end of the course.

Chris A. Allen

 Part-Time Intro to Front-End with JavaScript Graduate

"I was quite pleased with my experience completing the Part Time Intro to Front End with javaScript course from Lighthouse Labs. The pace was steady and reasonable and the instruction from both of the instructors was clear and easily assimilated. What I have learned will most certainly be of benefit in my work moving forward, and as with anything, you will get out of this program what you put into it.This is a program in association with the Roland Gossage Foundation is one I could certainly recommend to any Veterans considering a transition into tech, or simply looking to learn new skills."

Scotty Newlands (2Lt ret), CD

Part-Time Intro to Front-End with JavaScript

 I am very thankful to the Roland Gossage Foundation and Lighthouse Labs for creating this partnership for veterans to learn new skills within the tech sector. In the military, I left as a junior officer working in the Public Affairs branch at 32 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters. I went into the LHL part time HTML/CSS and JavaScript course as a professional civilian performer and private web and graphics designer. COVID-19 has done all but obliterate my industry and I have been forced to look for other sources of work in which to establish an income base for myself. 

Within minutes of the first class, I was learning new and innovative ways to better my understanding of source code and was shown new techniques to streamline my “old school” style of coding. I have already put these skills and lessons into practice with the sites that I build and maintain for my own clientele.

Although it was difficult to “de-program” myself from my years of operation, the instructor was incredibly patient and went through the material one-on-one to ensure my full comprehension. That extra care and concern resonated with me and it speaks volumes of Lighthouse’s commitment to professional instruction and student care. I am confident that I will be able to implement the course material into my future projects and I will definitely look to the other courses to continue my education.

I hope to be able to explore the full-time courses in the future such as the intensive Boot Camp program, but for right now, I am very happy with the instruction I have been given and I cannot express my gratitude enough to the RGF and LHL for giving me this opportunity. There’s life after the uniform comes off – see what these programs can do for you!



Ask yourself: "Do I want to work as a professional developer?"

If the answer is 'yes', then there is no question that the full-time development bootcamp is the program you need.

The goal of our bootcamp is to transform you into a professional full-stack developer. You’ll come to understand coding logic, and learn how to think like a dev by building software from the ground up using industry-relevant technologies. Our program will provide you with mentorship, data-driven curriculum and a top notch learning environment that will launch you into your first junior developer role.

If the answer is 'not sure', taking our part-time course might be the best option.

Our Intro to Web Development and Front End Fundamentals with JavaScript courses are excellent for:

  • People interested in learning how to code

  • People interested in learning how to communicate with a development team

  • People looking to gain career skills to help in a hybrid role

  • People interested in learning if they enjoy development before taking our Bootcamp

You can read more on the subject in our blog post: Full-time vs. Part-time: Which Program Is For Me?

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