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Download our curriculum package for a more detailed look at our Web Development Bootcamp curriculum, educational philosophy, and the support structures we use to support you throughout your Bootcamp journey and beyond.

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No formal education is required to being admitted to Lighthouse Labs! While having some coding knowledge always helps, your background does not matter as much as a genuine interest in development and a raw determination to succeed in this challenging environment. Want to get a head start or see what it's like - take a free code camp here.

Web Developer Bootcamp

Part-Time Programs

Sebastian Lynch, Soldiers In Tech

Web Developer 12 Week Bootcamp


Making the choice to pursue a career in tech is very intimidating. This program is incredibly fast paced and demanding, and is designed to throw you out of your comfort zone and keep you there for 12 straight weeks. Learning to be comfortable in that environment is nearly as important as learning the languages. This program is not for the feint of heart, but if you want a career in Tech then it's well worth the effort and LHL is probably the best place in Canada to help guide you there."

 Clinton Pierce, Soldiers In Tech,

Web Developer 12 Week Bootcamp


It’s hard to express the magnitude of trepidation one feels when they decide to leave the Canadian Armed Forces. Adding to that, there are a staggering amount of options you face when you take your first steps from that precipice into the non-CAF world. However, due in part to the inculcation of environmental CAF values: drive, creativity, determination, and the ability to work through blockers, a Veteran's skillset has a direct correlation to the world of programming and computer science.


LHL via the generous actions of the Roland Gossage Foundation gave me not only the tools necessary to dive head-first into this domain but the ability to do it well. We are the summation of our experiences and any Veteran with the aid of these two amazing organizations can too succeed in this amazing, challenging, and rewarding world.

 Chuck Prystupa, Soldiers In Tech,

Web Developer 12 Week Bootcamp


I always loved working with tech, and Soldiers in Tech and LHL equipped me with knowledge and confidence to dive into the world of programming; Now I am constantly thinking of new projects, and exploring new technologies. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner."