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Want to start your career in Cybersecurity? Apply to Canada’s top Cyber courses today and join the sector with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

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Cyber Bootcamp is an intensive 12-week program designed to kick-start your cybersecurity career. Intensive and immersive, this bootcamp takes a hybrid virtual approach, mixing live online classrooms and self-guided learning. Following an introductory self-study prep, students dive into modules on server administration, network security, threat modelling and analysis, incident response and more.


12 Week Bootcamp


Personalized Learning Through Small Class Sizes


Prep Module


On-Demand Mentorship

Fully Funded Programs

Your education with Soldiers In Tech is
100% covered by THE Roland Gossage Foundation.
Let us help you get into a new career and future.

Start & End Dates
Feb 6th - Apr 28th

Deadline to apply

Jan 6th

RE-Skilling Bootcamps have a value of $14,000 CAN


Cyber Bootcamp is an excellent fit for non-technical people as well as those with some security or digital experience, including recent graduates and those looking for a career pivot. Successful applicants thrive on problem-solving, collaboration and attention to detail. Graduates will be qualified for entry-level roles including: Cybersecurity Specialist/Technician, Cybersecurity Incident Analyst/Responder. Cybersecurity Analyst.



You have no prior computing experience, but you’re comfortable online and keen to learn the new skills you’ll need to start your cybersecurity career.



You’re experienced with web applications and want to build on your programming experience to open up new job opportunities in this dynamic field.

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EXITING Military

You’re transitioning from the military to your next career chapter, and looking for a new way to apply your valuable training and security experience.

No previous coding education or experience is required to attend Soldiers In Tech

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Cyber Bootcamp provides industry-aligned curriculum (NICE framework), mentorship, and a top-notch learning environment that focuses on practical, hands-on skills needed to launch a cybersecurity career.


Our students put their trust in us, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that everyone coming into our program is set up for success.

Apply online

A short 5-10 minute application for you to introduce yourself, including your education, previous experience, and your superpower. You know, the important details that help us get to know you. New cohorts fill up on a rolling basis, so make sure to submit your application as soon as possible!


Our admissions team will get in touch (quickly!) after reviewing your application and invite you for an interview. During the interview, we'll discuss your background and post-bootcamp goals so we can get to know you better. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you might have. The interview is a chance for both of us to assess if this program is a fit for you.

Logic and Technical Assessments

After the group interview, successful candidates will receive study materials to prepare for our logic and technical assessments. You do not need to have prior experience in cybersecurity, coding or other tech fields to perform well on these tests, and we will provide you with all the resources you need to successfully complete them! These are both multiple-choice and done online on your own time within a 2-week period of your group interview. Once these assessments are complete, students can be accepted into the program.

Prep Modules

The 10-40 hours you'll spend on the Prep Modules will introduce the basic technologies you'll use throughout Bootcamp. You're required to complete the Prep Modules in the weeks leading up to your first day on campus. Ask admissions for more information.

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