Soldiers In Tech

Soldiers in Tech is a program to help veterans transition to civilian life using technology to open a new chapter in their lives. The program will also help benefit private enterprises to tap into this amazing pool of individuals and the unique skills they bring.

Full Time Bootcamp

Over 12 challenging weeks, you’ll learn how to think, build, and problem-solve as a developer. Each module of our immersive, industry-driven curriculum is designed to equip you with a strong foundation of skills to help you succeed and grow as a full-stack software developer.

At the end of the training participants will:

  • Be qualified as a full stack developer

  • Be knowledgeable about the tech and start-up industry in the GTA

  • Have established a network of industry professionals through mentoring during technical training as well as employment matching activities

  • Have increased confidence to be successful in industry

Admission Process:

Apply online, Group Interview, Logic and Technical Assessments & Prep Modules

Part-Time Courses

These are short duration foundational skills courses . As soldiers leave the armed forces and transition to civilian life, 21st century digital and data skills are a major asset to one’s skill set regardless of industry and position. These 36 hour courses also allow veterans to simultaneously work full time and upskill.

  • While maybe not fully comfortable to dive into a coding bootcamp, part time courses allow veterans to learn a new skill or explore what it means to have a career in data or coding

  • Allows them to explore new career opportunities that they previously did not consider. 

  • They might be able to land a higher paid/ more senior position with these new, in demand skills. 

  • It allows veterans to continue to work in industries where they have previous education and experience but take on technically adjacent positions.

The foundational skills courses are open to veterans and reservists and are designed for absolute beginners. Unlike the bootcamp, there is not an admissions process for these courses.

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Web developer


The goal of our Web Development Bootcamp is to transform you into a professional web developer. You'll come to understand coding logic using popular languages and frameworks like JavaScript & Ruby on Rails, while learning how to think like a programmer by building software from the ground up. Our web development bootcamp will provide you with mentorship, data-driven curriculum, and a top notch learning environment that will launch you into your first Junior Web Developer role. 

Soldiers In Tech program will support, train and secure employment opportunities for veterans in Ontario.


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In this part-time course, you’ll learn to extract the most potential out of data and leverage those insights for key business decisions, no matter your industry or seniority level. Built by the professionals and designed for data beginners at every stage of their career, this hands-on course will equip you with skills to excel in your field.


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The Intro to Front-End with JavaScript program is a great starting point. In 6 weeks, you'll go from no coding experience to structuring web pages with HTML, styling them with CSS, and adding dynamic functionality using JavaScript. Then will round out the 6 weeks with a look at AJAX and API requests to enable your website to dynamically display information from other web services like Twitter, Google Maps, and more.


Lighthouse Labs

The Foundation has chosen to partner with Lighthouse Labs as a leading training provider. Established in 2013, Lighthouse Labs is a registered private career college with specialized training programs to train and up skill people who are interested in a career in the tech industry. They provide participants with the skills, industry knowledge and resources needed to find, secure and be successful in their first job in tech in Canada.

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