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Our Program, Soldiers In The Arts, uses Theatre to address traumatic stress and related problems encountered by veterans and their loved ones. Working closely with actors, directors, producers, dancers, writers, poets and artists the SITA creates opportunities for participants to fulfil their artistic potential. The program aims to give Veterans and their families new skills and experiences they may have never considered before. It will help participants improve their own confidence, self-awareness, and motivation to support their individual recovery and the transition into civilian life.

The objective of SITA is to provide arts based training in order to further the healing journey for veterans and their families. Through arts based workshops we look to bridge the gap between the veteran family and the arts world. This will foster creativity and help bring to light suppressed emotions, in an inclusive and supportive environment. Art therapy is an evidenced based approach to the healing process of PTSD and has shown to be beneficial to veterans and those who support them at home.

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